Esperto Barista Course and Jakarta Barista Championship 2012

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The people enthusiasm are great. They are eager to learn about coffee. A lot people showed up to get information about Barista course. Some people asked about the qualification to become a Great Barista. You need to be consistent in serving coffee and of course you need a lot of training and have passion for coffee. Beside that, you have to be able to take care of your machine.

The Jakarta Barista Championship 2012 was also held in ICTE 2012. The championship was held in 14-15 June 2012. It’s a competition to win for Governor’s trophy. There were 25 Barista who were joining the championship and a lot of Espertan showed up to watch and support. There are also Espertans who joined the Barista Championship, they are Daniel, Ruli, Suhendra, Apu, Andreas, Perrine, and Albert. They all came from various places, even Ruli and Suhendra came from Medan to join the championship. They have to create 4 espresso and 4 cappucinno for the 4 judges in 10 minutes.  .

It was a tight judgement, the competition were so good, even the judge having hard time making the judgement. 5 competitors were choosen into the final. 3 Espertan were be able to made into the final. They are Suhendra, Daniel, and Perrine.  Each of them were showing their best in the tournament.

After taking some time, the decission came out. Perrine, an Espertan from Rustique showed up as a winner, followed by Andri from La Tazza and Irwanto from Dante Cafe.

We are hoping to see more Espertan in the event. Don’t be shy to participate in competition because we all believe that the Espertan have the skill.

Congratz Perrine, Andri, and Irwanto!



  1. interested to join..

    • Hello @Dody Permana, thank you for stopping by :)
      Have you joined our Facebook Fan Page? It’s in All events and class schedules will be posted there, so stay tune!

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