Hario Cafepress Slim

Hario Cafepress Slim

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Hario Cafepress Slim

A superb quality french press from Hario. The precision screen means less of the sludge makes it into your cup, leading to a clean clear brew.

You can enjoy the coffee in an easy way which only make a press action by this Hario press coffee maker.

Grind the coffee bean in coarse power, fill in hot water which just cover the power only for steaming first in around 1min (taste will become richer if steam as longer time), then fill in hot water again leisurely, and press down the knob slowly after 2mins later.

Lid with knob: Polypropylene

Shaft with filter: Stainless steel

Model: CPS-2TB
Size: W 113*D 78*H 172 mm,Top diameter 74 mm
Weight: 350g
Capacity: 240ml


Available in 3 elegant colors :  Green, Pink & Black